Things I overheard on the streets of San Francisco today.

At the Westfield mall…

Guy: So is that a yes?

Girl: Ok, I’m going to give you my virginity but we’re going to Papa Beards after!

On the Cable Car…

Girl 1: I want to be Donkey from Shrek for Halloween this year.

Girl 2: WTF… why?

Girl 1: Cause I got hella donks LOL

Walking next to The Canary…

Old man 1: They said they wouldn’t refill my Viagra. I have to wait till next ┬ámonth.

Ferry Building…

Girl: Carrots are so cute. I think I would wear them in my hair.

Ferry Building farmers market:

Guy 1: I could eat a Squirrel.

Guy 2: I wish we had slingshots.

Guy 1: Let’s just throw a rock.